Mergers & Acquisitions

Any time you make a major business decision – such as selling, purchasing, or merging a business – it’s best to have a strong legal team on your side. That team is Allison & Mosby-Scott. Whether you need help with a simple sale or need to navigate a complex merger or acquisition, we’re here to guide and advise you on which decisions will have the best outcome for your business.

How Our Merger & Acquisitions Team Helps

Our team will put our years of experience working with multi-billion dollar complex cross-border sales and acquisitions to work for you. Here are just a few ways Allison & Mosby-Scott helps streamline the process and make sure your business is protected:

  • Identify legal issues and determine whether the deal is friendly or unfriendly
  • Build a “road map” and timeline for the entire merger or acquisition – start to finish
  • Determine if there are any tax implications and/or special structuring needed
  • Navigate regulatory obstacles and gain any necessary approvals
  • Work with sellers to understand why a company wants to sell and assess the company’s overall reputation with vendors and customers
  • Provide a clear view on which assets you are acquiring and which liabilities will be left behind
  • Assess and provide guidance on any intellectual property, trademarks and patents
  • Address critical issues such as cash flow analysis, ERISA issues, labor and employment law matters, and proper security terms and mechanisms 
  • Discuss what you’ll need to finance any transactions
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An Excellent Resource for Strengthening Your Market Position

Allison & Mosby-Scott has represented both small and mid-sized businesses as well as privately- and publicly-held Fortune 500 companies. That means we have practical hands-on experience helping clients structure, negotiate and implement merger & acquisition transactions of all sizes and complexities. Some of the top areas we work with our clients include:

  • Private Company Acquisitions and Sales
  • Acquisitions and Sales of Subsidiaries, Divisions, and Other Assets
  • Acquisition Financings
  • Joint Ventures
  • Complex Licensing
  • Asset-Sharing Arrangements
  • Formation and Operation of Strategic Alliances
  • Asset Sale Transactions
  • Management/Negotiation of Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Get Expert M&A Counsel

Let Allison & Mosby-Scott help your business minimize its risk exposure for any mergers or acquisitions it is considering and help position your new or expanded business for success. Contact us today to get started.