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There are three main circumstances in which the Illinois State Police have the authority to revoke a FOID card.

Being convicted of a felony.

Being convicted of domestic battery.

If an individual is deemed to have mental health issues.

If one of these situations applies, Illinois State Police will send revocation notification through the mail to current FOID card holders.  Once notified, an individual has 48 hours to:


Mail their FOID card back to the Illinois State Police.

Transfer all firearms to another person with a valid FOID card or relinquish all firearms to local law enforcement.

Submit a firearm disposition record, which requires the person to state the make, model and serial number of each firearm owned, the location where each gun will be kept during the revocation period, and the identity of any person who will be in possession of the firearms if transferred to another person.

The individual whose FOID card has been revoked cannot be in possession of any firearms during the revocation period.

Consequences for not complying include jail time, fines and confiscation of firearms.

If your FOID card has been revoked, you may be eligible to file a petition to have your ownership restored. Contact our office at (309) 662-5084 to speak with an experienced attorney that can help you seek resolution.