Our expert legal team handles all types of litigation.

How We Help
General Civil & Criminal Law Services

Helping you every step of the way.

Personal Injury

Our expert legal team handles all types of litigation arising from personal injury cases .

Estate Planning & Wills

Looking out for the future of your loved ones requires planning. we offer estate planning services to our clients so that they can plan effectively for the future.


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DUI/Criminal Defense

Whether you are facing a DUI or Criminal Charges, You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately for representation. We can help.

Cyber Harassment

Are you dealing with a cyber criminal? Our attorneys are skilled in tracking down and stopping people who think they can use the internet to harass, bully and stalk others.


The appellate attorneys at Allison & Mosby-Scott have a broad and practical knowledge of numerous substantive areas of law, including family law, trust and estates, business law and criminal law.

What They’re Saying

I highly recommend Michelle Mosby-Scott. Michelle and her staff truly care about their clients and make them feel comfortable. Michelle is very knowledgeable and handles matters in an extremely professional way. She is organized and prompt when it comes to preparing paperwork or returning e-mails. I am extremely happy with the service provided by Michelle.


Michelle was great! Very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful during my custody case. She had great advice, and was on top of everything. I highly recommend her.

Beth Peters

I couldn’t be any happier with Allison & Mosby-Scott. They clearly explained everything and asked many questions to ensure my wife and I had no further questions on each item. It was a seamless process through our divorce.