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When you are facing criminal charges in Illinois, including in Bloomington Illinois and Normal Illinois, you need an attorney who will assist you immediately. You should contact a criminal defense attorney immediately for representation, generally before you make any type of a statement. Criminal charges can be resolved in a few ways including:

  • Dismissal – all charges against you are dismissed
  • Plea bargaining agreement – when you, your attorney and the prosecutor agree on an outcome
  • Trial – when charges are not dismissed and a plea agreement cannot be reached, your case goes to trial

What is a Plea Bargain?

A plea bargain is a negotiation that occurs between the defendant and the prosecution. Between the two parties, an agreement is reached that helps save:

  • Defendant’s time and cost of defense
  • Prosecutions time and cost of a trial
  • Court system time and cost burden of trials

In some cases, defendants are pleading guilty to charges that are less than what they were originally charged. The plea agreement will be presented to the Judge for approval. The Judge does not have to accept the deal, and may reject it. However, in most cases, except very egregious cases, the courts will accept a plea bargain.

When Plea Arrangements Fail

In some cases, defendants may feel they are facing charges that are not warranted. In these cases, if we are unable to convince the prosecution to drop all charges, we will work with you to work on your defense. This process typically includes obtaining statements, reviewing the police reports and talking to witnesses who may have knowledge of the situation that resulted in your facing criminal charges. We will aggressively investigate all charges against you in order to mount the best possible defense.

Contact us today if you are facing criminal or DUI charges in Illinois. We are proud to be serving McLean County and Livingston County. In nearly all cases, if you are arrested on any criminal charges, it is best to speak with a criminal defense attorney before making any statements to law enforcement officers.

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