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Drug & Alcohol Offenses

If you’ve been charged with a drug-related crime, you are likely experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety. The consequences you face upon sentencing could be hefty; however, all hope is not lost. With the help of Illinois drug & alcohol attorneys, you may be able to achieve a reduction in penalties or, perhaps, a complete dismissal of your case. Look to the law offices of Allison & Mosby-Scott to provide both legal and moral support during these trying times.

The Potential Consequences Of Drug Charges In Bloomington Illinois

Drug-related offenses are often cast off as lesser charges, with many offenders simply participating in rehabilitation programs or paying minimal fines instead of spending time behind bars. But while they are not always forced into jail, individuals with drug charges on their records often face uphill battles after they’ve fulfilled the necessary consequences. Obtaining work and housing can be difficult; although employers are technically not supposed to discriminate based on criminal history, many continue to do so.

If you’re charged with a drug or alcohol offense, it’s in your interest to find the best Central Illinois attorney possible. In most cases, offenders choose to accept plea deals in exchange for lesser sentences; you’ll want to work with a legal advocate capable of finding a resolution that imparts little damage on your future prospects. A knowledgeable, skilled attorney could have a potential felony reduced to a misdemeanor or secure the possibility for future expungement. In some cases, there may be evidence suggesting that the police or other officials acted inappropriately; when this occurs, you need a lawyer capable of defending your rights and, ideally, having your case dismissed.

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Types Of Offenses Requiring Illinois Drug & Alcohol Attorneys

A wide array of offenses can be designated as drug or alcohol crimes. One of the most common of these is possession — typically of marijuana, but also of other illicit substances. Individuals in possession of illegal drugs may also be prosecuted for the distribution or intended distribution of said substances. Alcohol-related offenses are also quite common in Livingston County, Woodford County and other regions of Central Illinois. These may include underage drinking, furnishing alcohol for minors or driving while under the influence.

Allison & Mosby-Scott: Legal Advocates Eager To Fight For Your Rights

Whether you’ve been charged with marijuana possession, underage drinking or another crime related to drugs or alcohol, you deserve the assistance of an understanding attorney. You’ll find just that at Allison & Mosby-Scott, where, instead of being looked down upon, you’ll be treated with utmost respect. Serving McLean County, Logan County, Peoria County, DeWitt County and Ford County, the law offices of Allison & Mosby-Scott make open communication a top priority, ensuring satisfactory resolutions both in and out of court.