Property Crimes

Property crimes in central Illinois can be serious business. If you or a loved one have been charged with any type of property crime, a phone call to our law firm will help you get your case on the right track. We include each of the following types of property crime in our area of practice.


Property that is taken without the owner’s permission is considered stolen. Being caught in possession of stolen property can also lead to criminal charges, even if you did not know it was stolen. These and other theft related charges can lead to a lengthy court battle. Protecting your rights is extremely important, and our attorneys can help you do that.

Retail Theft (Shoplifting)

Retail theft or shoplifting is defined as removing merchandise that has not been paid for from a store or facility. Whether you did so intentionally or accidentally, it is still a form of theft and is punishable by jail time fines and other penalties. Many larger stores in Normal Illinois and surrounding communities have surveillance cameras solely for the purpose of protecting themselves from financial loss associated with shoplifting and other types of retail theft. Subsequent Retail Theft charges are felonies.

Criminal Trespass

Trespassing is defined as going on to another person’s property without permission. For trespassing to become a punishable, criminal act, you would have to take something from the property that didn’t belong to you or, in some way, hinder the owner and prevent them from using their property for their own benefit. This also includes damaging property. If you are charged with criminal trespass it is a wise idea to seek the services of an attorney with experience in representing these types of cases.

Criminal Damage to Property

In cases, where you intentionally damage another person’s property, you may be held accountable for, not only the financial loss of the property, but also any hardship its loss may cause the owner. Malicious destruction of another person’s property may be included along with other charges if you were trespassing at the time you damaged the property.

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Allison & Mosby-Scott

Bloomington Illinois residents can trust the attorneys at Allison & Mosby-Scott to provide the best representation possible when it comes to various types of property crimes. They have on staff the top Illinois property crime attorneys who have spent years honing their skills and talents.

It is our goal to provide the best defense possible for our clients. Our attorneys are skilled in various areas of practice. We strive to provide the highest quality legal advice and help our clients move through the legal system as easily as possible.