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Whether you have just started to explore the idea of divorce or have been doing so for a while, you’re probably trying to decide if it’s time to take action. Although only you can make the choice to act based on your unique circumstances, here are a few common signs that divorce may be best for you and your spouse’s situation.

Your Relationship Is No Longer a Priority

When life gets complicated with work, children, and personal time, it can become easy to take a relationship with a spouse for granted. While this can still be common in relationships, a growing disinterest in making time for your spouse, as well as their disinterest in the same, can indicate a fracture in the marriage. This fracture can lead to divorce if not resolved. Additionally, this can be a sign that more significant issues lay beneath the surface of the marriage.

Communication Breakdown

Communication is key in all types of relationships, particularly in marriages. A spouse’s ability to tell the other how they’re feeling and both spouses’ ability to work out solutions to disagreements is extremely beneficial to a marriage. A breakdown in communication or a lack of communication in a marriage is problematic and creates discomfort and contempt in the relationship and other areas can suffer. Further, if parties agree conflict to keep the peace instead of addressing issues can also lead to an impending divorce.

Frequent Arguing About Money and/or Children

Financial issues in a marriage often lay close to the root of divorce. When spouses are unable to agree on how to make, spend, and save money, these disagreements can lead to significant problems in the future and can put additional strain on the relationship.

Significant disagreements about children can also lead to divorce. Specifically, disagreements about how to raise and discipline children or if the spouses disagree on whether to have children at all can result in the breakdown of a marital relationship.

Lack of Desire to Repair or Failed Repair Attempts at the Relationship

All couples argue and experience misunderstandings. However, when those misunderstandings and disappointments occur, both spouses need to come together and work to repair the damage. This can involve communication between the parties, apologies, or compromising. However, when couples fail to work towards repairing the relationship or damage one spouse may have caused, this could be an indicator that there is a significant breakdown in the relationship, which can lead to divorce.

Marriage Lacks Intimacy and/or Infidelity is Involved

It’s a common notion that intimacy can change over time in a marriage. However, physical and emotional intimacy between spouses must be maintained. If it isn’t, one or both spouses may feel neglected by the other, which can cause many other issues and breakdowns in the relationship. Furthermore, a lack of intimacy between spouses can lead to significant problems, including infidelity. Infidelity in a marriage frequently leads to divorce.

Some more specific indications that divorce may or should imminent include:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Physical, Psychological, and/or Emotional Abuse
  • No Access to Money
  • Abduction of a Child
  • Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse/Addiction and a refusal to seek treatment

There are many pros and cons to getting a divorce. If you’re considering a divorce or are unsure how to proceed, contact our office for a consultation. Our experienced and skilled attorneys are committed to providing you with personalized attention and support throughout the entire process.