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At Allison and Mosby-Scott we are proud to welcome Sandra Molinari to our team of attorneys.  With Sandra comes the addition of Immigration Law to the services that we provide.  As an Immigrant herself, Sandra has the advantage of understanding and knowing the process of Immigration as she has personally navigated the process.   Sandra brings her firsthand knowledge along with the experience and compassion to ensure the Immigration processes runs smoothly for you and your family.


Sandra offers a variety of services for her Immigration Law clients.  Whether you are looking for an attorney for business or for pleasure travel, Sandra can help.  She can help you through the original Green card process as well as renewal or removing conditions when necessary.  Sandra can walk with you step by step in obtaining citizenship.  She can also assist you if you have had a visa application denied.


These are just a few of the services that Sandra can provide for you and your family.  We will be offering more in depth information periodically on these topics in our blog posts so watch for those to come! Also, in addition to speaking 3 languages herself, Sandra can also provide reliable translation, if necessary, to help you in the best way possible. In addition, if you have a criminal charge in Illinois she can provide you advice on how it would impact your future immigration goals.


Give our office a call or read more on our website in our Immigration pages and see how Sandra can help you.