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Written Contracts: My Word and Handshake Aren’t Good Enough?

Although there are times when an oral agreement is just as legally binding as a…
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Michael T. Scott Faculty for the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research CRM Program

Michael T. Scott, CPA, CPCU, CRM & Attorney at Law with Allison & Mosby-Scott will…
biometric information privacy
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Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, It’s Better Safe Than Sorry!

Eleven years ago, the Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”) came into effect in Illinois, but…
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Pass-Through Entities under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
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Getting Back to Work
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Shareholder Meetings Go Virtual
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Can My Business Refuse to Accept Cash?…Probably, But it May Not be a Good idea
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Spotlight on AMS Attorney Derek Luster & His Specialty in Risk Management
Lessons From a Lawsuit: Tesla Vs. Rivian