Business Lawyers

Business owners face a variety of legal challenges, from deciding what form the business should take, to raising initial capital,  to dealing with regulations or even dealing with disputes among owners.  Your business is too important not to have experienced attorneys to help your through these challenges.  Allison & Mosby-Scott can help guide your business through the various legal challenges it faces and help you achieve your goals.

Our Attorneys help you and your business meet your strategic goals.

Our Attorneys can help you in all aspects of your business, from formation of a corporation or LLC, through all issues involving the entity’s operation.  Our attorneys can help you on operation and regulation of your business as well as transactions involved financing, contract negotiations and documentation, merger and acquisitions, and joint ventures

  • Asist clients in choosing the the best form of business entity for the client’s needs.
  • Forming business entities, including Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations.
  • Helping clients structure the relationships among investors and managers.
  • Succession planning, including buy-sell agreements.
  • Raising capital through public or private offerings of securities or by selling assets.
  • Resolving disputes related to the ownership or management of business entities or the sale of securities.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and sale of business entities.
  • Winding down and closing businesses.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Business contracts.
  • Collections/Creditors Rights.
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Your success is our success at Allison & Mosby-Scott

Bottom line: You spend a lot of time and money running your business.  Having a licensed attorney who can focus on the legal aspects of your business allows you to focus on running your business.  Contact Allison & Mosby-Scott today and let us help make sure your business is a success.  

Serving McLean County, Livingston County, DeWitt County, Logan County, Tazewell County, Woodford County, Peoria County, Ford County, Bloomington Illinois, Normal Illinois, and Central Illinois.