Child & Spousal Support Lawyers

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of any divorce is determining the potential financial impact, particularly when children are involved. Spousal and child support can ensure the continued wellbeing of a divorcing couple’s children; however, without proper legal counsel, wading through such financial arrangements can prove a complete nightmare.

Child Support Versus Spousal Support In Central Illinois

There are two main types of financial setups pursued in divorce cases: child support and spousal support. Although both of these approaches can be used to support the wellbeing of the couple’s children, they are fundamentally different in nature. Spousal support is awarded when an individual is deemed incapable of supporting him or herself after the divorce is concluded. This approach is most commonly sought for those who opted to forgo their careers in order to take care of their kids at home. Due to the long breaks in their resumes, these stay-at-home parents may no longer be capable of supporting themselves and their children on a long-term basis. Spousal support can take many forms, and while regular payments are most common, this approach could also involve lump sum payments or the ceding of property.

Child support may be awarded whether the spouse taking care of the children is determined to be able to earn an income alone. It is often accompanied by temporary spousal support and usually lasts until all children of the divorced couple have turned eighteen. The amount of child support awarded will depend on the income of the person required to pay support, as well as the potential costs associated with child care and medical bills.

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Reaching Peaceful Support Agreements With Illinois Child Support Attorneys

Child and spousal support cases have earned a reputation of being long and bitter. But in many cases, both parties involved in the decision are able to come to an agreement that benefits the parents and their kids. Such a peaceful resolution is only possible with the assistance of skilled Illinois child support attorneys. These legal advocates understand the concerns of both parents and are able to foster open and supportive conversations addressing these worries.

Unfortunately, in some cases, one of the parents may not be willing to negotiate in a calm and collected manner. These unfortunate scenarios call for the assistance of experienced Bloomington child support attorneys who, instead of sparking further contention, will work tirelessly to seek resolutions that best serve their clients and the children of their clients.

When it comes to the contentious issues of child and spousal support, there is no better resource available to you than the law offices of Allison & Mosby-Scott. Serving McLean County, Woodford County, DeWitt County, Logan County and several other regions in Central Illinois, the talented attorneys at Allison & Mosby-Scott are eager to see you through the stressful divorce process in one piece.

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