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Do you have a million-dollar smile?!?!… according to a federal judge it’s worth more than $150 if you’re in Illinois! A class-action suit was filed against Facebook under the Illinois biometric privacy law because they were collecting scans of users’ faces by employing facial recognition software, without written consent of the individuals that had data collected, as specifically required by Illinois law. The law allows for recovery of up to $1,000 per violation, with Facebook and the class-action attorneys agreeing to settle the matter for $550 million…but the judge has not approved the settlement as he does not believe this is enough since it would equate to only $150 per user who makes up the class. It remains to be seen what amount the judge would approve the settlement for, or if the matter will end up going to trial, but there is the possibility that if you live in Illinois and use Facebook, you may be eventually receiving a check in the mail!

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